CyberNet's Dark Fiber

 CyberNet's Dark Fiber solution is specifically designed for customers who wish to establish and oversee their own comprehensive networks. Whether it involves acquiring and positioning the necessary equipment or maintaining and managing all ingress/egress points, CyberNet is fully equipped to handle the deployment and installation of dark fiber infrastructure nationwide.

Our Dark Fiber products can be seamlessly integrated with our dense Metro and Long-Haul lit fiber network. This powerful combination provides users with the capability to establish private Layer 1 Networks without the need to extend their infrastructure beyond their office premises


Our custom-built network provides substantial physical route options


Grow your network capacity as your bandwidth needs increase


Easily align network components with your changing requirements

Full Control

 CyberNet's Dark Fiber services provide customers with full control over their telecom infrastructure. You can determine speeds, schedule upgrades, and activate the fiber by installing your own electronics. Dark Fiber offers scalable solutions for future growth, increased security through exclusive control, and customization to meet specific requirements

  • 01 Ethernet speeds: 100 Meg to 100 Gbps
  • 02 Available low-latency routes and latency SLAs
  • 03 E-Line, Point-to-Multipoint (Hub and Spoke), or Fully meshed / any-to-any

Leverage a fully dedicated, private physical network infrastructure

Cost effective

Get consistent monthly costs and control your total network capacity cost


Obtain an ideal deal structure with competitive pricing

Strands to Cables

CyberNet offers a wide range of options for dark fiber deployment, allowing you to choose the size that best fits your needs. Whether you require a small order with a single pair or a large-scale deployment with a full cable, we have the flexibility to accommodate various situations. Our dark fiber can be utilized for a variety of purposes, including Campus Connections, Long Haul networks, Data Center Connectivity, and Transpacific Landing Stations


Thanks to CyberNet's extensive fiber network spanning across the entire continent, we are able to offer dark fiber connectivity in major metropolitan cities. The versatility of our dark fiber network allows our customers to incorporate it into various solutions, enabling the construction of complex and scalable networks

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