Voice  Products

CyberNet has over 28 years of experience providing and troubleshooting a wide range of voice services, including Analog lines, SIP trunks and Hosted PBX (Cloud Voice). Our digital voice network is termination agnostic, accommodating any interface required by your PBX/phone system.

Operating on your private network, our voice infrastructure enables true QoS implementation and precise issue troubleshooting. When bundled with our Data Services, voice traffic is delivered over a dedicated private network, ensuring security and reliability. Unlike other providers, we avoid relying on the public internet for voice traffic.  

With Geo-redundancy, 24/7 replication, and termination within our private cloud, our voice infrastructure guarantees high availability. By maintaining end-to-end control and direct connections to the PSTN, we achieve industry-leading uptime and provide exceptional support metrics  

Why Go With CyberNet

Geo-Redundant Voice Infrastructure

With multiple voice switch across the country, we can ensure that our voice network will meet your uptime needs

Array of Voice Products

We are able to provide an array of products ranging from traditional voice options to 3rd Unified Communications solutions like: Microsoft Team, Cisco WebEx, Zoom Calling

Flexible Voice Network

Any of our Voice solutions can work with any existing phone manufacturer, giving your team the ability to save on spending money on investing in a new phone system