What We Bring to the Table

CyberNet’s flexible data network can provide varying solutions to solve the needs of demanding and growing technology companies. Our quick ability to scale can provide your organization confidence that as your needs change and grow we can be there right along side you. If you’re one of these technology companies, we are uniquely positioned to support  

your continued innovation. Our network traverses over 150,000 on-net buildings and 700 cell towers —all managed under a shared infrastructure model, so we’re your single source for all network infrastructure needs. We have 25 years of experience building and deploying end-to-end network solutions of all types and sizes.

Technology companies are transforming the way we communicate with each other and interact with the world around us. Every aspect of society—from education to energy to public safety—is being affected. These Technology trailblazers require access to high-speed, high-bandwidth, low-latency networks in order to reach their full potential. CyberNet is here to give you the ability to adapt and scale quickly with the assurance that there will be adequate infrastructure to support your biggest ambitions.


Solutions For Technology Companies

Wide Area

Help build private networks that can protect and secure your information from end to end

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Switched Ethernet

Utilize our transport fiber network to help build and connect your offices

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Dark Fiber

Designed for project that are looking for high capacity connectivity

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The Cybernet Approach

After we sit down with your team and determine what is the best course of action, CyberNet’s engineering department will develop a solution comprised of a range of our different services. CyberNet always looks to design solutions that are what we call “Decade Proof”, which means all of CyberNet’s inputs that are used in your solutions will be relevant a decade from now. This ensures that this solution will take care of your business for a whole decade and the costly changes that come with infrastructure upgrades aren’t going to be necessary. That means no more switching providers. No more upgrading equipment. No more feeling left behind.

Dark Fiber Circuits Available

Circuits scalable to 100 Gig

Connected to All Major PoPs


Utilize our Dense Long Haul & Metro Fiber Network Throughout North America

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Fully managed Carrier grade digital voice networking delivering: Hosted PBX, Digital Lines, PRIs & SIP Trunks

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Geo-Redundant Clusters Providing Industry Leading Uptime & Cost Effective Private Computing

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