CyberNet has developed a solution for partners that are looking to build out their carrier platform but do not have the proper administrative, regulatory, billing, or engineering expertise in place. Our wholesale platform is built for any partner that is currently looking to providing or layering on telecommunication services on top of its existing offering.

CyberNet's wholesale solutions provide its partners with an array of additional services outside of access to it's network like: Managed Billing, Managed Regulatory, Level 2 and 3 engineering Support, and Network Design. Each partner will have access to these services so they can properly support and service their end users without having to take on a heavy fixed cost and regulatory burden.

Managed Service Providers (MSP)

Build an Array of Different Products for Your Customers That Help Increase Your Recurring Revenue

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A managed service provider will remotely manage a business's network so the business owner doesn't need


As a CaaS partner you will be onboarded with our customer support team and asked what exact services you are looking to sell


After you will be handed to our engineering team which will walk through your existing network design and how to best incorporate our services


Once that is completed your sales team will provide you with a flat rate deck across North America and you can begin selling all types of Carrier Services


As you begin to see different sales opportunities you will have access to our sales engineering department to help your team design and close the more complex deals.


Once the customers are turned up your team will have end to end transparency of the solution giving you an advantage in support and troubleshooting


Utilize our Dense Long Haul & Metro Fiber Network Throughout North America

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Fully managed Carrier grade digital voice networking delivering: Hosted PBX, Digital Lines, PRIs & SIP Trunks

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Geo-Redundant Clusters Providing Industry Leading Uptime & Cost Effective Private Computing

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